St. Philips Homes: Making A House A Home

Harborne Place sets itself worlds apart from any other local property site in the area.

From luxury interior design to beautiful site layouts, these highly anticipated homes protrude elegance, luxury and charm.

Managing Director, Kim and Creative Director, Hannah from Etch Interiors met with Sales Director, Deborah Clamp from St Philips Homes to discuss ways in which the design and scheme of the new homes has been brought to life with interior design.

The collaboration of ideas has taken inspiration from the local area, including the design influences of the cricket club, elegant local amenities and the luxury vibe and aesthetic of the town.

The design and feel of Harborne Place differs from how people tend to perceive new builds to look. Dominant fears of enclosed spaces, minimal decor and lack of storage has been counteracted by bringing together incredible spaces, lavish art and versatile layouts. All new homes feature a sleek stand out feature kitchen pantry that showcases additional use of storage.

Exquisite details from Neptune Kitchens, in addition to beautiful collections from Porcelanosa bathrooms, have all exceeded expectations in terms of superior specifications, quality and spaciousness.

With creative inspiration and finishing touches combined, all of these features make this new luxury development a truly welcome place to live.